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Frequently Asked Questions; policies and terms & conditions
fiotto hand held bidet
AquaStream - who are you?
As a specialist, customer focused company based in South London, AquaStream has been retailing hand held bidets for nearly 10 years. Having seen shattafs and sprays on some of our travels, we tried to find one here in the U.K. but without much luck. Eventually we tracked down a European manufacturer and feeling that there might be a demand for such a product in 2001 we took the decision to import and to sell them through the web and created

What do customers think of AquaStream's products and service?
Here is a selection of comments we have received:
"Thanks for the Classic which we received today. It has the slightly progressive action which we are looking for and therefore we would like to keep it. Thanks for your excellent service, and forbearance with trying to meet our needs."
Feb 2010___
Further comments

How do I pay?
1.Our products can be purchased immediately through the website using PayPal. With PayPal you can use your existing PayPal account or purchase with a debit/credit card.
You do not therefore need to set up a PayPal account to purchase our products.

2.Once you place an item in the checkout you can carry on shopping. Depending on what browser you are use affects the way the shopping basket window behaves at this point. Basically you just close the checkout window and carry on browsing the site, adding further items if you so wish. They will be added to the shopping basket.
3.We can also email you a PayPal invoice for the products. For instance if the goods are to be shipped abroad we can confirm the cost and send you the invoice. This can then be paid through the PayPal payment system.
Regarding the online payment - we do not handle your financial information at all - this part of the transaction is handled by PayPal.
4.At present we cannot take payment over the telephone.
5.You can post us a cheque or can make a transfer to our bank account. Please email or phone us to discuss your requirements.
Further information regarding our online payment provider:
Where are the hand held bidets manufactured?
The lever showers, hoses that make up the hand held bidets and many of the accessories are supplied to us from manufacturers in Northern Italy. The two main companies we work closely with are Nuova Osmo and Fornara Maulini. Both companies have a long history and are well known in the shower industry.
What are the hand held bidets made from?
The materials used in the construction vary from range to range. Some are mainly plastic whilst others are mainly metal. Please see each model's product details.

What exactly is a hand held bidet?
Other names for the hand held bidet include shattaf; muslim shower and lever shower. It provides a means of ablution and it is positioned near a toilet. It is a shower head attached to a hose approximately 1.2 metre in length. The other end of the hose is attached/plumbed into the water supply. The shower head incorporates a lever that you can use to control the flow of water.

How well will it work?
In essence the hand held bidet is a shower with a lever which can control the water flow. In common with a shower the strength of the water spray is governed by the water pressure and to a lesser extent the water flow. To be honest it is not possible for us to estimate the final result. All we can say is too low a pressure and the spray will not be great; too high and the lever shower may not cope. So you may well need to install additional fittings such as a pressure reducing valve in the case of higher water pressure or a pump if the water pressure is too low. Incorporating a water control valve will also allow you to regulate the flow if the water pressure is high.

hand held bidet by toilet
How do I install it?
We cannot really advise on individual installations and we always recommend that you speak to a professional plumber for advice on your particular scenario. Having said that we do our best to talk through the general options so please do not hesitate to call for a general discussion.

I have heard that a hand held bidet contravenes the U.K. water regulations. Is this true?
What we term as a hand held bidet is purely a shower head with a lever on it that can control the water flow. This is a perfectly legal product and has many uses. However, as in the case of a standard shower and a normal bidet, the method in which you carry out the installation must not contravene the water regulations.
The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations of 1999 must be followed to prevent the chance of backflow and any risk to public health. Further details are here and/or visit the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme website

fiotto lever shower
How do I get warm water?
To achieve warm water from the shower head it must be supplied with warm water. This would need to be done by mixing the cold and hot water supplies. We retail various mixers that can do this depending on your scenario. Please see the mixer valves section of the website.
Please be aware that difficulties in achieving a mix can arise if the pressures of each supply are not similar. Additional measures may be required to equalise the pressures. Please take advise from your installer.
Is there anything you recommend regarding the installation?
Yes - please, please, please incorporate an isolating valve or tap somewhere in the installation so that the water to your hand held bidet can be easily turned off. Ideally before the hose. There are two main reasons for this.
The first is that if you leave the water on all the time there is the risk that the shower head will give way at some point in time. A dripping basin tap drips into a basin and down a plug hole. Unless you have installed the hand held bidet in a wet room, any drips will unfortunately create an unwelcome puddle on your floor.
The second reason is simply that if you wish to remove the shower head you will want to be able to easily isolate it from the water supply.
The water supply to the hand held bidet should always be turned off when not actually in use.
How long will it take to receive my order? (Postage Information)
Providing your order is with us before 2pm we endeavor* to despatch your order on the day we receive notification of your order. We use the Royal Mail service.
We send the parcel First Class which should be a next day delivery, though this is not guaranteed by the Royal Mail.
Therefore if all goes smoothly you will receive your order a day or two after payment. More details.
I am not in the U.K. Can I still order?
Yes. We welcome orders from around the world. Please email your choice of items to us and we can email you back a cost including the shipping. There is no obligation for you to proceed. If you wish to do so we can then forward an invoice to you for payment.
What are your terms and conditions?
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What is your privacy policy?
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What is the warranty and returns procedure?
Hassle free returns.
We operate a no quibble returns policy and aim to be as accommodating as possible. We appreciate that we are a mail order company and so purchases are made on looking at images of the items. Also the result on installation may not be quite what you are looking for. Therefore as long as you can post the item(s) back in the same condition as you received them we will either make a refund to you or post out a different item if required. We reserve the right not to refund the initial postage cost. Likewise if you find something wrong with any of our products we will replace the product. Our products are guaranteed against defects in manufacturing for one year.

Please call or email us with any further questions you may have.

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